On behalf of Angela & myself I would like to thank you both so much for providing the excellent setting, hall and accommodations for the very successful and fun filled wedding of Kristen and Chris. All of our guests were very complementary about the meal and the friendliness of both you, Cheri and your staff. The wedding day was the highlight of our 35 years together and we would recommend anyone considering an outdoor wedding that Trudeau Resort is the place to have it. Thank you very much and good luck with continued success. Jim & Angela 

You all did a great job for the Dolan/Whitman Wedding!! Everyone had such a great time. THANKS! Can I stop in and buy you a beer sometime! Thanks Again Tim


On behalf of Council I would like to thank you for partnering with Storm Racing to bring another successful Storm the Trent Adventure Race to Tweed. We are pleased that you were able to host this event at Trudeau Park Resort. It was a great weekend and wonderful to see so many participants, including locals, enjoying our lake, trails and facilities during this exciting event. We look forward to having Storm the Trent back in our municipality in future years. Sincerely Jo-Anne Albert Reeve

Hi Casey. I just want to thank you as well as the kids for your extreme hospitality for our recent 80th birthday party. You guys are the absolute best and your facility is fantastic. You guys were so accommodating it was like you are part of the family. We have been promoting Trudeau Park with our friends here in Niagara. Even friends and family from the local area were very impressed with the facility and the comfortable atmosphere you guys must be famous for. I look forward too seeing you the next time we visit the area. Good luck!

Dear Casey I'm so very happy your hard work is beginning to pay off. I hear everything positive and super good about your operation. You should be proud of your accomplishments!!! Grandpa Oakley would be delighted to know a Nashville Star had her Picture taken in his Lounge. We had many good time with him in that room! Keep up the good work! With Love Cathy Whalen 


Dear Casey and Cheri Congratulations on receiving the best of the Vision Awards, you are truly an asset to our community and we are happy and proud of your wonderful accomplishments! All the best Liz VanDyk President - Tweed Chamber of Commerce


Casey and Cheri, Congratulations on winning the Vision Award but most of all the Over All Award. Your hard work has sure paid off. Sorry I wasn’t there but I had to be in Bancroft. Great Work!! Reeve Jo-Anne Albert Congratulations on winning the Vision Award. You have made a lot of great changes and you certainly deserve the award. Councillor Don DeGenova 

CONGRATULATIONS! That’s to both Casey and Cheri; jobssss well done. I hear through the grapevine that they used much of what I had said about you and why I thought this belonged to you so this should make your families very proud. Keep the vision. Be Happy! Carol Badluk Tweed Recreation Assistant


Casey, Cheri and Staff The food was excellent & service awesome! Thanks so much for all your hard work to help make Brodeigh & Brian's wedding a success. Thanks for putting up with my worry and nerves! Casey-You were right, there was plenty of time! Thanks for everything, Karen and John Metcalfe


Dear Casey and Cheri Words can not express how truly grateful and thankful our entire family (Pets Included) is to you both. You are two very kindhearted and wonderful people. If there is ever anything we can do to return the favour, please do not hesitate. Thank You so much, The McPhillips Clan

 AUGUST 2010

We would like to thank all the staff, Casey and Cheri at Trudeau's Park for your preparations for Nikki and Terry's wedding on Aug 14th. The reception and dinner that followed, had a lot of compliments from the guests. Thanks again from the families and friends of the bride and Groom. Doug and Cindy Minnie

 MAY 2010 

Thank you for you generous donation to our spring raffle. The raffle was a great success. We sold 640 tickets (which is really good for a school of 50 students!) The Rodeo tickets were a big hit! I know that the winners will be attending. Thanks again for your support, Sincerely, Sarah Slack School Council Chair

 MAY 2008 

The hospitality was awesome, The Food was great! We will definitely recommend you! Thank You P.S. Thanks for the Popcorn! The Andersons and The Weston's We will be Back! 


Defending Trudeau Park Dear Editor: Here we go again! Another year of people whining and complaining about Trudeau Park weekend. Give me a break! I have lived around this area all my life and this has been going on for 35 years. Every year we hear the same rhetoric about noise and policing. First let me start with the noise issue which I don’t think should be an issue at all. Everyone who lives in the area should know by now Trudeau Park weekend happens every Victoria Day weekend. No one likes noise where they live, but no matter where you live, there is some sort of noise level one must tolerate. The only difference is some have to live with the noise 365 days a year while residents around Trudeau Park only have to contend with it for three days. I’m sure people who live around the fairgrounds aren’t thrilled about the fair every year. Nor do all the residents who live near the park appreciate twanging music each and every Sunday all summer. Quite likely not all the people who live near the schools enjoy recess as much as the students. Have we become such a self-absorbed community we are going to condemn everything we find discomforting? It seems to me Casey Trudeau has tried to be accommodating to the noise complaints by moving his performer stages numerous times. Why he does this I’m not sure. I don’t think he should have to. As for the issue of policing I don’t believe its costs are justified for the municipality to revise the bylaw, which is directly aimed at Trudeau Park and conveniently exempts themselves. According to what I gathered from The Community Press article of May 16, Casey Trudeau did his homework and learned policing is not costing the taxpayers any more money. One would have to assume council is trying to profit from someone else’s hard work. In all of my years, I have never heard of anything really tragic happening at Trudeau Park that would warrant $20,000 in policing cost. It has, however, been my experience more tragic happenings have taken place from other establishments right on the front street of Tweed and not a police officer in sight. Jo-Anne Albert and Gord Benson both mention they have received verbal complaints from ratepayers over policing costs the festival incurs. What policing costs? Benson mentions 15 or 20 have approached him. Council should respond by asking these people if they are willing to have their taxes increased should Trudeau Park close their doors. Albert commented the bylaw was revised to recoup policing cost, then contradicts herself when she said she thinks once the kids come in they stay at the park. So why would there be a need for extra policing? I found Albert and Benson’s comment the municipality would not suffer any financial loss if Trudeau’s Victoria Park weekend ceased to exist to be self-centered and egotistical. Of course the municipality would not suffer any financial loss, but what about the other businesses in town? I’m sure if you were to ask the other businesses if they appreciate the extra income generated by the increased population over the weekend, their answers would be yes. Contrary to what one might believe, Trudeau Park has helped put Tweed on the map. I cannot understand the attacks by our community directed toward this young man who took over his father’s business and is just trying to carry on a tradition started 35 years ago. I have never met Casey Trudeau but have spoke to him on the phone. I found him to be very polite and professional. He is just trying to make a living and be successful. Too bad Tweed did not have more young men with his ambition, but then again maybe they know council would just bombard them just as they are Casey. I was always under the impression council would want to encourage business in the community, not discourage it. It is my opinion we should all be grateful to have an establishment such as Trudeau Park to accommodate our needs. In closing I would like to say I consider Trudeau Park to be an asset to our community deserving of respect and I wish Casey much success in all his endeavors. Christine Moore, Tweed 


By Shannon Bray Tweed – Trudeau Park's Victoria Day weekend festival will be held indoors for the first time – and it's not because of the bad weather being forecast. It's to avoid having to pay for policing costs. Trudeau Park owner Casey Trudeau has decided to move entertainment for the festival from an outdoor stage to the banquet hall to counter a revised special events bylaw council passed last November. Under the bylaw, organizers of outdoor events with entertainment that are held for profit and cater to a crowd of more than 250 people must apply for a licence. The application requests detailed information regarding insurance, food handling, sanitary requirements, garbage disposal, policing and fire services. The applications must be accompanied by bonds or letters of credit to cover garbage removal and excess policing costs and be approved by the municipality prior to the event. One of the main reasons for revising the bylaw was to allow the municipality to recoup policing costs associated with special events, Tweed Reeve Jo-Anne Albert said May 14. Trudeau believes the special events bylaw specifically targets his annual festival, which will mark its 35th anniversary this weekend. Noise complaints in the past prompted him to move the outdoor music stage so that it now faces a vacant field. It originally sat between the main banquet hall and Stoco Lake. "We did that to keep the noise down and have had no complaints," Trudeau told The Community Press. The latest criticism, however, has to do with policing costs the municipality and eventually taxpayers have to bear related to RIDE checks and the presence of OPP during the holiday weekend event. Albert and Deputy Reeve Gord Benson said they have received numerous verbal complaints from municipal ratepayers over policing costs the festival incurs. "I've had about 15, 20 people complain," Benson said. "They feel they should not have to pay for policing for a special event on private property."


 Thanks for the Great wings and beer! I enjoyed the ice cold urinals! Now I have to go home and have my wife warm up the "Young Lad"! We'll Return, Mike Yukon, Canada


 June 16, 2007 
 Just wanted to thank you all for a wonderful weekend! My family traveled from Blissfield Michigan to meet family who was coming to see Charlie Major last weekend. We were treated so good, here it was just amazing! Even the neighborhood pets were friendly! We met two golden dogs and a black cat. We even named one of the dogs ( CP, which means Canadian Pooch) because he was so friendly and just there all the time. We even took his picture! It felt like a home away fro home. Its sad but you just don't see that kind of genuine friendliness and kindness here in the States much. It was a Great getaway and your hospitality was far better than any 5 star hotel here in the States!!! I have to specifically thank thank Casey for all his excellent care and concern for my family. First in getting us our room and tickets, second for providing my husband a cooler filled with ice, then getting us a table for our family to sit together at, forth continually asking if all was well nd if we needed anything during our stay. The list goes on! When we went to the desk to get a Band-Aid he even offered to stitch up my sons foot if it needed it!!Incredible service!! Please give this guy a raise or even a promotion! He is doing an excellent job! He seemed he was doing alot with getting ready for theshow that night but yet he still delivered excellent customer service He went above and beyond! So please pass this on to him and tell him that we wish him and his girlfriend and their new little boy all the best! And if they ever come this way give us a call or an e-mail and we will try our hardest to make sure Casey and his family receive the same excellent customer service and care that he gave us! This kind of treatment goes along way and will be remembered! I could add so much more...I will just end this ...Charlie Major rocked the house!!!The concert was great!!! May God Bless you, Casey, and your family. The Wold Family: Dan, Tammy, Jordan and Nate Wold


Trudeau Park kicked off their tourist season with a bang on March 31 with an evening of music with local duo, Adam Squared and headlined by the multi-award winning Aaron Pritchett. Fans of all ages decked in their country best, packed the facility and danced on the dance floor during the entertainment. A sea of cowboy hats moved to the driving beat of Pritchett's recordings. The fans knew the words to most of the songs and often sang along. Aaron Prichett is a British Columbia contry music star who has won multiple awards since 2001 for his music, including the British Columbia Country Music Association Awards Male Vocalist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year and National/International Achievement of the Year in 2004. In 2003 his hit "New Frontier" made it to the top 10 while the music video for the song became the #1 video in 2004 on Country Music Television. He was a Juno Award nominee this year and continues to tour across the country with his band. Trudeau's Park owner Casey Trudeau ensured a well-organized event with excellent staffing in his recently upgraded facility. "We then travelled to a small town outside of Peterborough called Tweed. My Original thought was that there was not going to be a lot of people at this show but I was wrong. The place was JAMMED full! Those are the best shows when it's over-packed and the energy level is maxed out! I think we'll be going back to Tweed one day to do it all over again. The Trudeau Family was first Class!" -Aaron Pritchett By Laurel Moore

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