Stoco Lake Lodge at Trudeau's Park houses both indoor and outdoor facilities! 
If you have an event that needs space, we can accommodate! 

 Our Indoor Facilities Include: 
Large 20,000sqft Resort with space for up to 700 people 
Elevated View of the concert area 2 indoor Bar areas for beverage serving Onsite Catering and Hotel Accommodations 
Public Show Facilities for Campers Our Outdoor Facilities Include: Concerts and Music Festivals Large Scale Camping Areas 300+ Acres 
Onsite Portable Bleachers for up 1500 
 1500ft of Portable Concert Fencing 
Portable Toilet onsite 
20' X 40' Portable Concert Stage 

Television Commercials and Filming Race Car & Automotive Testing Trade Shows and Auctions Ride and Drive Events Product Sampling Symposiums Corporate Functions, Meetings, and Special Events

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